New Invoice Zapier Trigger Doesn't Trigger on All Orders (Max Classic Orders using NEW Keap App Connection)

Hi there, we just updated our Keap Max Classic zapier app to the NEW Keap zap connection that is supposed to work across all versions of Keap.

We’ve had some issues with the New Invoice trigger. One issue I believe is already known: the trigger fails and gives this error: failed to hydrate invoice.

The other issue is only SOME invoices are actually triggering the zap.

We had three contacts purchase the same product. Only ONE of the invoices triggered the zap at all. The other two did not. The only difference in the invoice was the title of the invoice. One was “shopping cart”. Two were “Order Form”.

Any insight on what would cause this issue? I chatted with Keap support from the app and they said to ask my question here.