What apps make a custom merge field sequential in an email?

We are working with a vendor that will give us “one-time use” voucher numbers for products that are purchased in our Infusionsoft store. The voucher numbers could be set up as a custom merge field. We will get multiple voucher numbers for the same product - either sequential or random numbers.

  1. If the vouchers are sequential (i.e.: voucher #abc001, abc002, abd003, etc), or
  2. the voucher numbers are random, but we are given a list of them and input them into a table (buyer 1: abc123; buyer 2: asp654; buyer 3: pri189, etc.)

Infusionsoft does not have a way to generate the new voucher number for the next person that purchases (like +1 in Excel) or to look at the [next record] (like merging in Word).

When I talked with Infusionsoft, they stated that there are current users using 3rd party apps that do what we are looking for, but did not know the names of the apps.

  1. Are there any other users trying to do what we are trying to do - what have you done? and
  2. What apps are best for this task?

I look forward to receiving feedback.

In advance, I thank you for your help!

I hear this question from time to time. I don’t know of any products that do this but I know, given an understanding of the rules to follow, that an api call can accomplish it.


Thank you for your response. I have a few questions:

Are you with Infusionsoft?

Is this something Infusionsoft would do or would we hire a third party

If it is something Infusionsoft would do, what are the costs?

Thank you for your help!

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No, I don’t work for Infusionsoft. My company is The Plan B Club. Infusionsoft generally doesn’t do this sort of thing but usually rely’s on outside developers like us to do.

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