Can i automatically assign a number from a list to a field value

I have a situation that might require an API or customisation.

I have a contact who has a custom field that I need to automatically assign a number to.
The number is a voucher code, with an expiry date.

So we buy in bulk vouchers from our supplier, and then our customers purchase them from us. I tag the customer and then they enter a campaign. In this campaign i want to populate the custom ‘Voucher code’ field with one of these numbers. I can’t use the number again so it would have to go to the next available number in the predefined list.

I would then email them the voucher code and the expiry date.

I’d like to automate this. Any suggestions or ideas for what this would involve?

You could do something like this with an integration with Zapier, where Infusionsoft could reference a Google sheet with the codes and populate a custom field. It could be configures such that it would continue going to the next number on the list.

Far too complex to explain here, but it is possible.

We’re available for hire if you are invested in having us do it for you.

Email me if interested.