Contact phone number issue

In one of my campaigns, I’m pushing info from a form through an API. The API only accepts phone numbers formatted like this “XXXXXXXXXX”. Infusionsoft, by default, automatically formats numbers like this “(XXX) XXX - XXXX”.

So at the suggestion of Infusionsoft customer support I created a custom field that would allow a user to enter their phone number into Infusionsoft and avoid the automatic formatting. This creates a new problem where the number is saved as a custom field and the contact in Infusionsoft doesn’t have a primary phone number saved. Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can either, get around the custom formatting for infusionsoft phone numbers, or populate a contact’s phone number using a custom field?


If you are using API, you could either run a ‘reformatting’ action that would add the “+1” to the phone number and save it in Infusionsoft. If you format that way, it doesn’t reformat into the (XXX)… format. It stays as +1XXX…

The other option would be to just run a script that would copy the custom field into the phone field in the “+1” format. Again, would not reformat if the +1 is there.

Hope that helps.


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As @Jeff_Arnold has said, and this is how I normally handle api solutions where phone numbers are concerned, code can strip all non-numeric’s like '- ( ) . ’ and then taking just the numbers, reformat it however needed. So in your case you’ll just need to strip all non-numeric values.

What I ended up doing was I utilized PlusThis’ “Set Field” feature to copy the custom field value over to the primary phone field for the contact.