How can I assign a starting number for company id?

How to change the starting number for Company Numbers in Infusionsoft? The reason I am asking is that we are syncing with Xero Accounting Software and have an existing number range and we need to add new Company’s we do not want duplicate numbers created.

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There is not a way in the user interface to change the CompanyID as these are auto incrementing IDs related to Infusionsoft’s database. You might be able to reach out to Infusionsoft Customer Support to see if they can do this on the backend.


Those are locked down and system generated. Not something you can adjust.

I would suggest using a custom field to track the numbers you want to set.


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If you need to reference non-InfusionSoft assigned numbers (e.g. contact ID’s from another CRM), then a custom field is your only option, as Jeff suggests, but it is a robust option and you get to create as many as 100 custom fields. How to Create Custom Fields.

Thanks…another logic is that we want to use a system generated number that is centric to our activities…and infusionsoft should be where the initial interaction begins with a contact, therefore be the core ID.

I will place a customer support request and post the result

Can the custom field assign a system generated number?

Reply from support:

Support: Thank you for your patience. I’m sorry after reached out to Data team they confirm that we could not change the number system. This could create complications that may negatively impact how the app preforms/functions

me: Can you create a custom field that can have an auto-number function?

Support: That would be a great option! The custom field doesn’t have this feature at least not yet! I will send a request to have this add for a future product update

…so I guess we have to wait!


Support did not mislead you. As far as I know, IS does not have any feature that generates unique IDs for you that can be placed into a custom field. As long as the field type rules are met (e.g. numbers have to be numbers, dates have to be dates), the data can come from anywhere, presumably. Maybe there’s some third party app that can generate this number for you, then use the API to update the IS contact record. I don’t use any third party apps, so I can’t suggest any, but it seems like some of them are designed to extend IS functionality and can drastically alter your IS data (as you’ve directed, of course).

Depending on your needs for this number, perhaps you can run a simple math function based on the date and time the process is run. So, lets say you want every number to start with 1. Then you might want something else based on something else, so let’s say a 2. Then you append it with the date and time in a standardized number format, like: 20200605113300. That would be June 5, 2020 at 11:30 am. That’s a big number though. A simple incrementor would be better, but that would require a persistent and global variable. That would ensure no duplicates, but that’s basically how IS would make this feature, and support has verified it does not exist.

@Jeff_Arnold has suggested Zapier or Integromat as third party options for this exact issue.

Not exactly … the link goes to the assignment of a Random Number, not a starting number for a company.
Company record ID numbers (like ContactIDs) are automatically assigned — not something you can adjust.


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