Vervante Fulfillment

Hi - Support was unsuccessful in instructing me how to add a Plain Text email template to an Infusionsoft Campaign. I know many people are using Vervante, which requires a Plain Text email for fulfillment. How are they getting their orders fulfilled?

Maybe fulfillment reports, @Michael_Stetina. That is one of the method they mention on their website. Order Processing

If you’re using an old enough version of the IS app (started using IS more than a year or so ago) then you should have the legacy email widget in your campaign builder. This will allow for you to use text only emails (see image below). In the upper right hand corner hover over the actions button and select code builder. Delete all the code and then just type the test you want.

Thanks very much for the ideas @martinc and @John_Borelli. I’ll give both of these suggestions a whirl.

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