How to create a plain text only version to include with email send

How do I create a plain text only version to go along with my email campaigns. I have setup a number of emails using the visual building tool and I do not see the option, but my reports are showing the plain text only version as an infusionsoft email. When I choose HTML email builder, I can go that route and create the custom HTML email in Dreamweaver, which I think I am going to move ahead with, but I also do not see the option their either?

I must be missing something obvious, because I know this is basic functionality for most email marketing solutions. Thanks Jason

Hi, @Jason_Redwood. Let me know if this answers your question:

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Thanks Marin, I actually just figured it out. If I go to Templates, then create new, it allows me to select HTML & Plain text email versions. This will be the best solution for me, so I can stay Spam compliant as well as increase my open rates etc. because of the plain text version. I will edit the HTML email using Dreamweaver and copy the code to the code editor. There is still a drag and drop editor there, but I will code these. Now the next hurdle is whether I can save the template and replace my emails in my sequences inside of Campaign Builder. Thanks again for taking the time to answer this question.