Using action set to set tag based on numerical field value

Hi, hope someone can help.
I want to create an action set that sets tags we can use as triggers to send out specific emails, based on the field value. Eg: if it’s 33 or below - the tag - score is low - is applied and we use this to send out an email about that topic and score. If it’s 34-70 - the tag “score is medium” is applied, and a different email is triggered, and so on,

My issue is that the action set doesn’t seem to cater for numerical values or percentage values. Only text values - eg: “field contains or doesn’t contain” so I’m not sure it will work if I add <34 that it will work.

Has anyone figured out how to do this?

Just do it in the campaign builder using a decision diamond.
Apply a main tag, then run the decision using the ‘less than’ or ‘greater than’ options
Then have a sequence that sits behind the DD that applies the tag.


thankyou Jeff, I’ll give that a go!