Using a tag to trigger an opp state movement

Does anyone know how one can use a tag to trigger an opportunity stage movement for Leads that are already in an an opportunity?



Not a way to do it via a tag in Infusionsoft.
Look at Novak Solutions — they offer one free tool before selecting a paid plan … maybe that one tool is avail there.


Thank you very much. I’m still wrapping my head around the naming convention IS uses for Opportunity names. Why name them by contact name, why not by product name in a pull down? That would seem more logical.

You’ll hurt your brain if you try to figure out some of the things they do… :slight_smile:


Turns out PlusThis has a feature called Opportunity Updater that can control Opp stage movement. But thanks for the Novak resource you sent me! IS really should have one central location for emails, like short cuts so you don’t need to tunnel into the multitude of campaigns to edit them.