Creating an email notification based on Opportunity Stage movement

I started out with the Marketplace Campaign for Opportunity Stages and now I’m customizing it to fit our needs.
One need I have is to create an email notification for when a contact moves out of the Closing Stage into the Lost Stage.
I’m confusing myself and could use a sanity check.
I have set up the Goal of Out of Closing, then the email sequence then the Goal of Into Lost.
I do not want the email notification to be sent to any Won Opportunity Stages.
Did I set up my campaign correctly?

From the way your example sounds, it seems the notification email would currently be triggered by moving out of the closed stage, into any stage.

Based on what you said you need, I would expect the email sequence to come after the Moves INTO Lost goal.

My hold up with starting with Into Lost is that I don’t want the notification for any other Lost opps (like from the Contacting/Engaging stage).
Does that help?

I would use a two tagging mitigation. Using pipeline automation raise the ‘moved into lost stage’ automation to raise a tag. this tag just triggers and can be used to begin the ‘check’ for other tags which can be raised in different stages to let you know where they came from. So if they have the contacting/engaging tag you can bypass anything further. If they have a closing stage tag then you can manage them as you wish from there.

The idea is to be sure to tag contacts whenever they enter a stage to show their status and use pipeline automation to raise action tags to accomplish tasks based on their status tags.


Thanks for the advice. I’ll give it a go