Using a button to create a pre-written email

I am creating an email with a button that I would like to populate an email for the user.


Click here to Pre-order

[user clicks button— Infusionsoft opens email}

I would like that email that opens to be pre-written so that they can just click send. How can I do that?

If you create a button, set it up to go to an email address, then enter this info into the email address field after the email address you want this sent to:

?subject=Testing out mailto!&body=This is only a test!

After the ?subject= enter the subject of the email
After the &body= enter the body of the email

So, if you were going to set this up to email me:

In the field listed, you would have “jeff@4spotmarketing&subject=Great Job!&body=Thanks for showing me how to do this!”


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Thank you Jeff! Much appreciated!

Good morning Jeff, is this method still valid in Keap?