Use contacts with 1 attachment

Want to use contacts from a campaign and send an attachment only.

What do you mean by send an attachment only? An attachment implies an email sent at least. If you are referring to allowing them a link to download a file then that is normally sent via email or present on a webpage that points to the file in their IS filebox…what specifically are you wanting to do?

I have a price list for current clients. I normally would use Outlook but wanted to try Infusion. I have a contact list I used for a campaign and would like to use the same list but only send the price list. Is this possible?

Is the price list dynamic (custom for each client) or just a single list for all? There’s more than one way to do this so it might make a difference in what would be the best/easiest approach.

One price list for all.

Note that I have a CRM with 5000+ contacts, but not a social media
product. Trying to increase my bottom line with Infusionsoft.

So you can upload the price list to your app filebox and provide access to it through a link that can be sent in an email. You can use email broadcasts to create the email to send to some or all of your list. When they get the email and click the link, they will automatically download the price list. Alternatively, you could create a webform with the price list and provide a link to view it online.

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Thanks—I’ll review this in the morning. They have a portal on my website linked to the shopping cart. Since the buyers use it they usually buy from the their portal pricing. I’ll take a look at the other concept, email broadcast might be a good idea.