How to add gmail conversations to contact's record on Infusionsoft CRM?


I’m facing a challenge adding gmail conversations (including attachments) to CRM.
During the sales process I was ensured that this functionality is available via the plugin:

However, Infusionsoft Sidebar and Sync plugins apparently don’t support this functionality.

Could someone help me out with this?


Regardless of the tool or service used, Infusionsoft does not have a way to include attachments to emails recorded into Infusionsoft at all. They can upload any file that is 10Mb or smaller to the contact file box and then provide a link to that, they could also store the attachments on a file server and reference that by way of a link in the email, but there is no attachment option for the api to address that directly. From the image of the description you were given, it does not sound like they have said that it would include attachments, however, it does sound a bit evasive to the matter as well. Still, and unfortunately, there isn’t a place for attachments regardless of how you got to where you’re at with this.

Hello, John, and thank you so much for clarifying.
Actually, I was explained in the following email from the sales rep that the function is available:

The software was obviously oversold.

Are there any thrid-party integrations available, which would enable email correspondence recording (including attachments)?

Hi @Vaida_Vaida,

If I were to guess, it sounds like that email you got was vague on what they meant…I’m not saying you mis-read it, but rather, it should have clearly stated attachments to emails not a general reference to files ‘from’ emails… I’m not sure the author wasn’t aware of this either, which is regret-able. As to a third party integration, there isn’t an actual way to attach files to emails in IS and an integration would be limited to what IS is able to do. As I mentioned, the best that could be hoped for there is the filebox used with the link set in the email on the contact so that it would be easier to reference. Alternatively, a product like dropbox or onedrive or something similar, but they all would take some coding to make happen. At least, I’m not aware of anything that’s ready made to combine the action of uploading and linking a reference in the email when it’s recorded.