Attach download to campaign email

I have a client who does not want to store files online - but he wants to distribute files as downloads in a campaign email .

Help references are not accurate in this regards.
Any ideas how to attach a file or a link to an Infusionsoft hosted file?


Not quite sure what you mean by ‘doesn’t want to host files online’ — but, if you mean he wants everything inside Infusionsoft by Keap, then when you create your link you can just link with a ‘file download’ option.

If you mean he doesn’t want to do the file download option, then you can have the link point to a 3rd party document that is hosted on his website, etc.

Does that answer the question?

If he doesn’t want to host the files online then does that mean he doesn’t want to worry about a content server or is he saying he doesn’t want the files ANYWHERE online? If it’s the latter then he’s tied his own hands and has no options but to personally send the files to the contacts from his computer. If the former option is the case, then anything under 10Mb can be stored in his filebox in IS and then a link to download it can be included in an email to the customer.

It was the trick of using an old legacy template, in Templates, and using the uploaded file connection tool there as a new template, saving as a new template, then calling up this template in the Campaign Builder where I can then pick this template (with the link already in the email from the uploaded FILES for my user account In Infusionsoft) - It took a few hours to figure this one out because the standard email builder does not allow a file in Infusionsoft (mine or company) to be an attachment or link.

But yes I agree - what he wants is really still exposed as file link in an email. What they want they want. Having a file, even in a protected folder was not a viable option to him.

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