How do I post a pdf as a link

Can I create a link for a pdf in Infusionsoft

Pauline there are several ways to create links in Infusionsoft and they vary by where you are trying to create them.

  • The new email builder
  • Legacy email builder

etc… Can you provide more details for your question, or check out these links:

Store Files In Keap | Max Classic


Hi Nancy I did take a look at this and the second one I thought would work
but don’t think so.

So I have a pdf that I would like to have on a button that they click and
they can down load it. I know there is away that I can do this on the web,
but thought it might be built in to Infusionsoft.

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Pauline if you are asking if this is possible within the email builder - then yes it is. If elsewhere please confirm where you are trying to build this out.

Here is a quick video (no sound) that shows where to find it in the email builder.