Opening Link in a new window?

Hi there,
I am working on a Newsletter that is cloned from a previous newsletter. Some of the content is being used in the Newsletter that I am working on. The links that already existed work properly and open up in new windows. However, the new links that I am adding don’t open in a new window and I am really struggling to find out how to do this. Can any kind person help guide me?

Is this for a broadcast, or in a campaign? I just tested several ways of creating links in campaigns and wasn’t able to duplicate this, although I do remember that we used to have to specify how we wanted the link to open. I don’t see this option any more, but when I tested all variations opened in a new window.

If you could give a bit more detail on how you’re creating the email & how you’re creating the links, we could dig into this a bit further.

Hi Camille, thank you so much for the response. I am new to the company (and Infusionsoft)- so I am creating a new email Newsletter from a template that already existed and working in email builder. The content that was already in the template - all of these links open in a new window. The content I have added with links don’t open in a new window. I am adding them by highlighting the word I want to add the link to clicking on the Link icon in format, choosing web address and pasting in the url. Is there another step that I’m missing?

Fiona, I’m sorry you’re having trouble. I’m still not understanding where your existing template is and where you are creating the new email newsletter. There are a number of different places in Infusionsoft to create new emails - within the campaign builder, within broadcasts, within the templates section - so I’m not sure what you’re referring to by “email builder”.

Unfortunately, there are also a few different versions of email builders in these sections depending on how old the app is that you’re working in. I’m really not trying to be obtuse here!

Would it be possible to make a quick recording of what you’re doing & share it here so I can see? I’d hop on a screen-share with you, but it’s 5am here & my family is sleeping!

so sorry I’ve been away from my desk at a meeting. My goodness it’s so early for you! Ok I’m not sure how to share a recording. I am working in Marketplace/Templates/Manage Email template/ I made a clone of an existing email template. Which already had some content and links in which I am re-using and the links that I am re-using are opening up in a seperate page. It’s just the ones I am putting in as new links that are not doing this, so I am doing something wrong. Hope this makes some sense.

I mean’t Marketing/Templates/Manage Email etc.

Fiona - I’ve tested several different methods of creating links and all have opened in a new window without any intervention from me. The only way I’ve been able to find where you can even select is when using the email builder, you hover over the Edit Email Body button, then select “Use Classic Builder”. If that’s what you’re doing, then you can still get the links to either open in the same window or in a new window. In my browser, it still opened a new window if I didn’t select either option.

I’m sending you my email address in a PM, if you want to send me the template you’re working on and I can take a look on my end.

Thank you Camille. I don’t seem to have the option for “Classic Builder” when I hover over the Edit Email Body button. the options I have are “use drag and drop email builder” or “use code bulder”. This feels like I just don’t have the right version?

No - the classic builder is super old and is only available on older apps. Mine is over 10-years old, but I think it was done away with 5 or 6 years ago.

I sent you a private message. If you want to send me your template, I’ll take a look.

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