How can I host a downloadable file on Infusionsoft

How can I host a downloadable file on Infusionsoft

If you are on your dashboard, or anywhere where you can see the quick search, and the nav icons (The house, the star, the clock, ect)

If you hover over the house, and go down to Files, click this.
Once your file manager opens up, you will want to store your downloadable files in either the Company Files or Company Images tab. Choose the desired tab, and click the ‘Browse’ button to choose a file from your computer. Once you have selected a file, click the Upload button.

After you have uploaded a file to your Company Files or Company Images, you can access the direct url to the file by finding it on the list of files, right clicking the ‘Download’ link, and choosing 'Copy Link Location.)

These files are accessible when creating emails via the image snippet, or the file download snippet, as well.

Here is a quick video of me uploading a file in my application to my Company Images tab, and then accessing the direct download link. 2017-07-17_0750

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