Hi everyone! Quick question about Campaign Attachments

First and foremost - I hope everyone is staying safe and well.

I have a quick question…

I know we can “attach” a file to an email by way of linking it but the Boss wants our Clients to be able to visually “see” the file attachment "paper clip:.

Insert a ‘picture’ of a paperclip and link it to the page where the document/file is hosted.


Yeah, that’s not something really thought of in the email builder et al.

I think @Jeff_Arnold’s approach might be the best way to give them a visual with a link. You can get the download link from a file stored in IBK and then use the href for the image of the paperclip.

Yes - That’s exactly how I have the campaign built now - With a big flashy “Click Here to Download” gif - So it doesn’t go un-noticed.

BUT - The Boss wants the file attachment icon to the left of the Subject Line. :woman_shrugging:


I don’t know what the code for it is, but there should be an imoji you could use in the subject line but the problem there is that there isn’t any way to make it clickable to download anything. Also, every email client differs in key way and if you did happen to find a way something like that would work in one client, the others would almost certainly not work the same.

Your client doesn’t understand what their asking for unfortunately

I understand and agree 100%…

Thanks Everyone…

As always - Muah!!!