PDF Download campaign

So after trying to put together a simple gated PDF download campaign, I eventually found one in “The Marketplace” which I “installed”. What is the icon that looks like a man raising his hand? And why isn’t that available in the campaign builder?


Do you always have to go to the Marketplace to install something like this?

Hi @Dan_Wood Sorry for the confusion on that screenshot. That icon is the old indicator for the Indicate Interest / Link Click goal. We have made a few changes to the campaign builder design and icons, and replaced the man with his hand raised, to be an image of a mouse pointer. The functionality of this is the same, the icon has just been updated, since this campaign was put on the marketplace.

As for the marketplace, yes, this would be the only place to download our free pre-made campaign templates. There are not currently other sources where a user can push campaign templates into the application

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Thanks, that makes sense. It would be easier if the icons had the same name as their do in the camp builder.

I think I have this sorted now, thanks.

Please see my next question. I need help troubleshooting why a form will not show properly on our website.

Ok, I have a nice campaign setup based on the Free PDF one. How would I add a followup email that sends 2 days after someone fills the form if they haven’t clicked the link in the email to get the PDF?

I’m a bit confused over how to get a decision diamond to show at the right spot. I know I need it to go somewhere and delay 2 days then test if the tags were switched or not after the email link clicked. How do I draw this in the campaign?