Unauthorized: sudden total block on all API requests

We’ve been using the API successfully for more than a year. Suddenly, our authorization for API request has been withdrawn or broken or something. We are still authorized for the sandbox application.

What could cause this and whom do we go to for help?

Very unlikely that the calls-per-second or calls-per-day has been exceeded. (How would we find out?)

Our PHP application is giving error httpsException: Unauthorized.

Just joined the forum today and would really appreciate the wisdom of community on this.

Our API requests do various things, like initiate campaigns, tag Contacts, request orders and more.

We’re totally blocked now. Help, please, if you can.

Let’s start with which implimentation of the API are you using? iSDK, API or REST?

Thanks John. API, I believe.

So it’s important to be sure. The authentication is different depending on the one used. Given that you’ve been “using the API successfully for over a year” it is very likely that you are using the legacy iSDK. If this is the case then you are using the app key method for authentication. This would mean, and this really is the only most likely scenario, that the key in your failing app has been changed recently. I know that the first inclination would be to say that’s not possible because that’s what everyone has said lol But not once in the case of the app key authentication failing, have I found it to be anything else.

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Wise words. Right, we’ll work on this unlikely sounding premise, but from your experience, this could be it. It would certainly explain the total block. Our lead developer is on a break, so I am fact-finding. Yes we have the API key and password and our lead developer will know the API type for sure. Thanks for giving us a lead. So there is no dashboard to see API performance, errors, authorizations?

No dashboard for the api key authentication (iSDK). The test, of course, would be to compare an api process with the key it’s using with the one that is current in your app. To get dashboard results you would need to transition to an OAuth supported implementation (API/REST)

Thanks. All is good in our sandbox application which we use for comparison
, but we’ll now try this new-key solution.