OAuth and iSDK.php quesstion

Hi, Im using OAuth method to get Access and refresh token, my question is, if i use access token to make calls explained in ‘PHP ISDK’ here xml-rpc - Keap Developer Portal will those methods be recorded and shown in my OAuth developer dashboard?

Im not viewing any method accept ‘token’ in dashboard despite im using lots of methods with access token e.g addCon(), addWithDupCheck() etc. Previously i was using legacy key method to make the calls but replaced the key with oauth access token which is refreshed every 20 hours from previously generated time.


@pagedesigner Yes they will. They do for me anyway.

unfortunately its not showing in my dashboard, previously it was showing but i quit using the developer app and switched to legacy key after some time i again integrated access tokenand the data is not showing now

There’s about a 24 hour turn around for tracking most methods.

more than 10 days have been passed im using access token and made very large amount of calls almost 100+ a day

100+ a day? Is this 100+ thousand? 100+ is a very low number. If you’re not seeing tracking then one of two things are happening. Either there is a problem and you would have to contact support to look at the server logs or you are using different client id/secret than you believe you are.

Either 100+ or thousands this should ideally appear in dashboard, even a single call should appear if its fired via access token, im able to view the details of token refresh only, im pretty sure the client id and secrets are correct for the app as i have only one app active in my account. I already logged complaint and waiting for the reply

BTW i used my app on developers interactive REST page and did tests here Keap REST API and i do get data in my dashboard today from these tests only but not from live calls