Accessing our account data

Hi, We recently signed up for Keap and are in process of pushing information form our application to Keap on a daily basis using a cron of some sort.
My questions:

  • We are doing an integration where we only want to push and access data within our account only. Do we still have to go the path of Accessing Developer Key and Secret and OAuth Authentication as shown here:
  • If not, I have created the passphrase and API key as shown on the page (, Is someone here able to provide us a code examples for creating a contact entry using this API information, either in PHP or Postman?

You currently do need to go through Authorization for you own app, but you only have to do that once and just maintain the access/refresh tokens.

Thank you Brad!

What’s the use of this API key then?

It is our legacy way of API authentication. We are trying real hard to deprecate it. If you use the legacy method then you can only use xmlrpc and you need to call directly to you app instance instead of going through our API proxy.