I have just spoken with your KEAP support department and explained to them that I have just bought a new domain. I now need the API key and the Hash key to integrate with another party. But the support person asked what is a Hash key. She said it would be best to come here to the KEAP community for a for a quick solution. Can anyone help me with this really simple task. This information is a simple copy and paste from the settings with most other Auto-responders so not sure why it is not readily available within the settings area of KEAP?

Hi William,

Question, what is the Third Party Integration you are using?

If the integration requires the use of the XML-RPC API Encrypted Key, then you can obtain that via the User Profile (Person Icon on the Top Row of your Account) - API Settings - Legacy API Key section. This use to be in the Settings section in the past but has been moved to the User Profile section.

If the integration is using the OAuth process, then you would go through an Authorisation process, which does not need any keys entered.

The Hash Key is referring something to your Third Party Integration, so you would need to read their documentation to explain what it is.

Hope that helps.