Legacy Key-API

Apologies for the basic question - after creating the new Service Authentication Keys to replace the Legacy API keys, do we simply go into the integrated programs and replace them out?
With thanks, Katrina

Hi @Jackie_Hall, it depends on what type of integrations you have got installed.

If you use the Service Account Key for a Legacy Integration it will fail.
Reason being is that the Key needs to be passed into the Header as explained in the link below.


If the integration says it supports the SAK, then put in the key into the required field.

Are your Integrations Custom made, or are they Third Party Integrations?

Hi Pav,
Thanks for your reply.
All of our Keap integrations are third-party integrations.

If those integrations are kept up to date, then they more likely by using OAuth, in which you have to grant the connection to your account. In other words, you do not have to type in any keys.

if you have any integrations that have not been updated for several years, then they maybe at risk of breaking.

Would it be possible to list those integrations that you think maybe at risk?