Is a Legacy Key the same a Service Account Key?

I was trying to confirm with support whether the service account keys the same as Legacy key?

I was told " Send the Legacy Key as a Header on the request of “X-Keap-API-Key”
Change the request URL to “”
We do however suggest generating a new Service Account Key to replace your existing Legacy Key as part of this process, as we do plan to deactivate all Legacy Keys at a point in the near future.
Personal Access Tokens & Service Account Keys - Keap Developer Portal"

But I’m not sure what this means, or where this information needs to be provided. I need help :slight_smile:

A PAT or SAK is NOT a Legacy Key.

Go to the the API Settings in your app, and click the Service Account Keys tab to add a new SAK which you will use in place of the Legacy Key.

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Thank you @Marion_Dorsett2 – seems as if we are currently using Service Account Keys, so I would imagine we shouldn’t have to worry about Legacy conversion.

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