Using API-Key on account. Suddenly get error messages

Currently, we are getting an error message for the account xt390 that the API-Key is invalid. But we used the correct one from the backend.

We are using the API Key and the legacy XML-RPC API. Can you help us out what´s going on here?

We tested it again now an where able to find a weird behaviour. The following scripts (taken from the documentation) will give an error on every second execution.



$connectionName = ''; // Infusionsoft connection name
$apiKey = '';

$app = new iSDK();
$app->cfgCon($connectionName, $apiKey);
$contacts = $app->findByEmail('',array('Id', 'FirstName', 'LastName', 'Email'));


$qry = array('Company' => '~null~');
$rets = array('Id', 'FirstName');
$cards = $app->dsQuery("Contact", 99, 0, $qry, $rets);


1st execution result:

ERROR: 2 - [InvalidKey]Invalid KeyERROR: 2 - [InvalidKey]Invalid KeyEnde

2nd execution result:


I think Infusionsoft had some quirky behaviour today, because I have seen some odd issues today.

Is it failing all the time now? Just an outside possibility, but do you think if someone had changed the API Pass Phrase? Although it should be back to normal by now if it was an issue.

The API is running okay from what I see, because I have been running scripts with it all day.

Hi @Pav!

So there was an issue which was resolved a few hours ago. The API works like charm now.