API Requests blocked after authentication error


On 4/6 we had an error trigger for an authentication issue. Our system continued to attempt to push leads/contacts through the API and was continually blocked.

When we reached out to KEAP support they mentioned the SRE team blocked our traffic due to the many rapid requests.

Is there an easy way to have this unblocked so we can get our landing page forms to push into KEAP through the API again?

We submitted a ticket but it says there’s at least a 7 day wait for a response, which is going to be a problem for us and our cilents.

Good morning Andrew,

You should follow up with the ASR that replied to your support ticket; they are the authorized actors who can work with our reliability team to get your problem resolved, assuming that the issue that caused us to establish the lockdown in the first place has been addressed.

Thanks for the reply, Tom.

We have not had a reply to our ticket yet. The support rep I spoke to was on the Chat Support.

Is there another option to get this fixed quick?