API key stuck in "waiting" for 4 days

Hi there,

our third API application is stuck in “waiting” for 4 days.

I noticed posting here helps to solve the issue (I also issued a ticket (via the “talk bubble” bottom right) but no response).

So: Help, please? :slight_smile:

Thx a lot!

I’ll pass this along to our API Support rep, and he’ll reach out to you.


Perfect. Thank you very much!

Hi Tom,

any news on that? Its been 3 weeks now…

Thx for your help!


I’ve been waiting for about a month now, it’s a little insane…

@Adam_King1 This was resolved through a case creation for MarMun. Will you please go here to create a case if you haven’t already: Create a Support Ticket - Keap Developer Portal

If you have already created a case then will you post the case number so it can be looked into further?