Status "waiting" for couple of days now

Hi IS community,

My first app was instantly active on creation.
However, my second one is still waiting for 4 days now.
Infusionsoft waiting

How long is the wait and how can I activate it faster?
Also, I’m planning to create some more apps (dev and production). Is the wait going to be this long? Because when I create them I need to work on them asap.

Thank you,

@Panche_Srbovski The first key is auto approved. Additional keys go into waiting and are periodically reviewed. Let me ping someone to find out what is holding this up for you.

I just looked at your account (hopefully I am looking at the correct one). It shows one Application and one key that has been approved. Nothing is in a waiting state. Let me know if this wrong if so PM me you Mashery user name.

I am having this same issue. Can someone please approve my second Application?

Provisioning of additional keys requires a support ticket. Create a Support Ticket - Keap Developer Portal