Transferring Active Campaign to IFS

Is there any way to take what I have in AC and simply transfer the info, tags etc to IFS?


It looks like AC has a way to export your contacts, tags, etc… into a csv file. Then, you would just import it into Infusionsoft.

Is that what your looking for, @Chuck_Evans ?

Yes sir… thanks!

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why are you leaving AC for IS ? We’re looking at doing the reverse as IS hasn’t upgraded their offering.

I had IFS before and left for AC. Lots of good features with AC but now that our business is growing we need the power of IFS.

Hi, @Chuck_Evans, not to put you on the spot :smiley: , but I’m curious to know what drove the business decision to move from ISF to AC, then back to ISF? This seems like an interesting story. Was the decision based on functionality or was it a financial decision?

Feel free to PM me if you would rather discuss this in private.

I’m kind of curious to know this as well if you don’t mind sharing… because I have a lot of clients always wanting to move off IFS to AC because it seems to have most of the same features for a fraction of the price and easier to figure out / use.

So if there’s a good reason for them to stick with ISF over AC (when they don’t need the built-in affiliate program or order forms on ISF that AC lacks) that would be useful to share with them as I am not really sure either when they don’t need the small things like round robin style sales rep assignments and so on.

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Martin, When we originally had IFS we thought our product line(s) would be ready in a few weeks. But…it took longer…a LOT longer!

So we were basically just using the email service via IFS and of course, you can get a LOT of different services just for autoresponders. So using IFS was overkill and too expensive for what we were using it for.

It has taken almost 2 years to get up and ready to launch…should be another month. With this, we needed all of the tools in IFS …



To be honest, the 2 items you mentioned are very good anyway so I use a 3rd party solution. If they don’t need those things, then AC is the way to go.

There is also another version of IFS called Propel. Doesn’t have near the depth of the full app but might be worth looking into.