A current user of too many soft wares

Hello IS people.

I’m very interested/intrigued in the platform that IS has created and would like to speak to someone from a company that has a similar background as ours.

Here is what we currently use. Yes, please try not to cringe and if you feel my pain, please give me some hope!

  • Quickbooks Enterprise Desktop (fun!)
  • Gravity Forms
  • Gravity Forms Integration (custom software) brings contact information in Quickbooks
  • Pipeline Deals (our current CRM system)

So, we want our QB to be our accounting system only and rely on Infusion Soft to be our main platform for Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing.

Any feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Jeff,

I haven’t much experience with some of the things you listed but it’s my understanding that Infusionsoft is really good at interacting with other software through the API, so if you’re in any doubt, you can use these software you’re familiar with in conjunction with Infusionsoft pretty easily.

I build Infusionsoft campaigns for various clients who don’t really know what Infusionsoft is or does and they often ask if their campaign could be built to do x thing. A lot of the time I assume it can’t and then go on to find that somebody has made an app that can do what they’re asking for or somebody has shared software they used through the API that has helped them to achieve the very thing the client asked me about.

It catches me off guard every time and I feel like underestimating Infusionsoft is all too common amongst beginners. Maybe you can suggest a few specific features you’re looking for and people might come back with the solutions.


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Thank you, Joe. This is helpful for sure. Ideally, I’ll like to connect with someone who has heavily leaned on using Quickbooks Enterprise (desktop) and now is heavily leaning on Infusionsoft.

You can try opening a brand new thread with Quickbooks Enterprise in the header and see if anyone bites. The new sales live chat is also quite good, maybe they could help you with discussing pros and cons of the move from Quickbooks to Infusionsoft.