Point of Sale Question

We are a home decor store. We have a store but are now looking to branch out to being online as well. We want all of our systems to sync together. What point of sale system do you recommend to use for both our store and online store that can all connect to InfusionSoft and Quickbooks?

We are using WooCommerece and Wordpress.

It’s very unlikely you will find anything ready made that will provide connects to that many services. The closest would be woocommerce which connects WP and Infusionsoft. There is a pre-made connection between Infusionsoft and QB but I’m not sure about it being a two way connection so it’s something to consider but may not be perfect. It may be possible to use Zapier but not very likely because Zapier doesn’t handle orders with unknown numbers of order lines in them at all well. This would leave custom integrations which, for that many services, could be quite expensive.

What you selling and how many items? I sell makeup items in my store as well as online. I really wanted to keep the # of systems to a minimum. I have about 200 skus and am limping along with Infusionsoft on its own, but I can tell that if I grow in products vs services, I would need to bring on anohter system that tracks inventory, has decent reporting and allows a real POS experience. The online experience for your client is great wiht I/S’s store; it’s the back office and POS situation that are extremely limited. However, maybe you want to create it as a test run? It’s easy to use IS eCommerce and you could play around with it as a test of concept etc.