The date seems one day behind in my report

I’ve just added 9 contacts to a campaign. Today it is the 23rd of April, in Jordan (ME). In the report is says I added these 9 contacts on the 22nd of April.

It just comes to my mind that maybe the clock in Keap is set at the US time? If so, where can i change the settings to have the right date in the report.


I found out the settings for the time zone and that one is on GMT +3. So that should give the right date.

Date add to system uses the system date (US, Phoenix Arizona) not your date and time, yes it’s annoying :frowning:


Under Admin - Settings there is an area where you can set your Application Time zone.


Thanks Jeff, I will learn to live with this date…

Unfortunately Jeff that doesn’t stop this issue :frowning: