Reports including task completion date AND timestamp

Hi! I am trying to run a report that includes task completion date AND time. Right now, I can run a report with the date completed, but my business operates on responding to leads within 15 mins of receipt, and tracking our task completion time is imperative to our success. I can see the timestamp when I open the task, but we have about 400 tasks a day, and opening each one and documenting individually is the furthest from automation that I can get. Thanks for any help/insight!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the timestamp is available in any of the reports. I submitted your feedback to the Product team. Here is the form if you have anything else in the future:

We could really use this. We need to reference the exact time of the API call (Sale) so we work who converted from a FB ad.

The problem is not that the timestamp is not available in any of the reports. The problem is that Keap has no provision for setting the time inside the date/time field that stores the Completion Date. Instead, it just defaults to 12:00 am, which means that only those who complete all their tasks at midnight will have accurate completion data in Keap. As you can see, this has been causing problems for users for more than half a decade, but it still hasn’t even made it to the list of Known Issues. Look at any task for to see the spot where this functionality has been left out. Image attached.