Text messages to contacts like an email broadcast

  • Is it possible to send text messages to contacts in Infusionsoft like you can with an email broadcast?
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Hi @Matt_Bashaw,

You bet you can! Some things to consider:

You’ll want to use the same practice for optin as you would with emails and make sure a method for opting out is available (normally texting ‘STOP’ is the provided option)

You can use Twilio but some have used Zapier for this with much frustration. We wrote code to handle the HTTP POST directly and it works so much more consistently than Zapier does because it ensures the formatting of the phone number is consistent.

Speaking of phone numbers, it is helpful to have a process in place that standardizes knowing the number is a cell number and that it is formatted in Infusionsoft the same way (IS allows for phone numbers to take a number of formats so this isn’t guaranteed.

Phone numbers, like emails, can be opted out from but unlike emails, that does not guarantee they won’t get sent the sms messages still…you’d have to account for this with campaign logic using tags.

Finally, if you intend to provide a way to optin to emails from sms messages (which is commonly asked about), then you will need to be absolutely clear that the optin is for email and NOT the sms optin… just trust me, you don’t want something like that creating a bunch of email spam complaints for you.

This is also a great way to manage workflow as an internal process. We use it to send phone messages to each on the team based on where a client is at in our process and what the next steps are to do for them…very helpful.