SMS - Best Option

Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on what SMS app is better?
Plus This
Twilio + Zapier
Text Integration
We are looking for an SMS program/app, that we would be able to text the prospect from infusionsoft. Basically, we want to be able to text easily from our computer like you would from an iphone. We know how to send texts for customers that are set up as part of a marketing campaign, but it would be nice to send a text from the customers contact page. Is this possible? Is there a way to connect the app and Infusionsoft where we can view a text log?..ect.

A few years ago we used CallLoop. They have an integration that works with Infusionsoft.

Hi Anthony I am hunting down the same solution. My team has used Google voice however we have not found a way to scale because a phone number (cell or land) is required for each account. If I find something I will let your know.


Simplii has an integration that provides a whole office solution for Voice, Dialer, and SMS within Infusionsoft and recently became a partner with them. We provide click to call, screen pop’s, one-touch contact addition, activity logging, power dialing, and dispositions that kick off tags and campaigns. You can send SMS/MMS messages from your contact screen and then they will log automatically under that contact so you can see a history of the communication within Infusionsoft. Feel free to reach out or call @ 801-449-9829 - Melissa