So, Text Messaging from InfusionSoft

I’ve been having some luck using the Twilio/PlusThis integration.

The only downside? CEO is going into areas of our system where I rather he not venture. I still don’t get how this functionality is even a TINY bit complicated from InfusionSoft (Keap…whichever). I would think this would be easy peasy. Oh well…

Granted, it took me 6 second from beginning to end, but I type a lot faster than him. :roll_eyes:

As far as sending a Text based on Tag, the only thing I’ve come up with is have him Save a Copy of the Campaign, enter the appropriate HTML code and Publish it.

Any shortcuts you can recommend?

Or am i looking over the obvious somewhere?

Always grateful,


Are you trying to send one-off text messages? If so, I’d set up a
Campaign with an internal form. Create a custom field in the Internal form called ‘text message body’. Have that internal form feed into a sequence that triggers the text and put that custom field into the PlusThis text and it will send out your custom message. That way your CEO will only have to use an internal form and not get into the campaigns.

You may also wish to consider Fix Your Funnel. We use a custom integration we wrote so having a dev set you up can also avoid the recurring costs of tools that facilitate your already costing Twilio (which is to say is another option).

Actually Jeff – He wants to send Text Messages based on Tag.

For example, if he decides to tell everyone we are not to report to work tomorrow, He’d like to send 1 Text message yet have the ability to see the text activity.

Here is what we have currently grouped for this function:

  • Clients Landed and Paid

  • Not Landed

  • Previous Client

  • LOPCO Employees

So far, I think I have it working bu my concern is the CEO will have to learn how to copy and existing campaign to a new one in order for the Contacts to be added when Published. Or would you recommend putting the Tagged Clients into the
manually (by searching for Tagged Contacts and then do a mass update to put them in said campaign?).

Thank you so much for your input!

From what I understand from what you’ve provided, there is no reason to have to create multiple campaigns.

You can just set up a quick tag=based campaign that would allow him to just bulk apply a tag to a group of people and have the text go out.

Just set up a campaign that looks like this:

Then, he can do a search for LOPCO employees, for example, and apply the ‘send don’t come to work today text’ tag and that would kick off one of the sequences that has that text message set up inside the sequence.

Just set up one tag/sequence for each type of text that he would want to send. Make sure to end the seqeunces with a Stop tag that pull them out of the sequences AND removes all of the initial tags that were applied (in this case, the ‘send don’t come to work today’ tag).

Does that make sense?