Text Message Broadcast

Does anyone have experience with being able to broadcast to a tagged list, however instead of using email, using text message?

I’m looking to reach out to a prospect look utilizing text message.


To my knowledge, Infusionsoft has not yet integrated SMS into the campaigns, but there are several third-party tools that can do this for you.

Fix Your Funnel is a great option for this - lots of features and good instructions.
NovakSolutions offers a basic Twilio integration that allows you to send text messages, it is a much cheaper option, since you pay Twilio directly for the texts that you send, but it requires more work to get it setup.

Yes, there are third party tools to help with this, like FixYourFunnel, and for those that don’t want the monthly subscription to make it work, we have written a script to send to Twilio from client servers via http post in campaign builder.