Me again.....Same question about sending SMS Text messages

I tried Twilio and haven’t had much luck (lack of knowledge on my part most likely).

I’m looking to send a text message based on Tags - Is this possible?

Thanks everyone!!!

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You’ll need to bring in a third-party app to be able to send out text messages from your campaign.
Fix Your Funnel has a strong text message option, and Novak Solutions has a simple Twilio integration that makes sending messages via Twilio pretty easy to do.
With any third-party SMS integration, you’ll wind up using an HTTP Post action in your campaigns to trigger the text message going out.

You mean an Action Set as in apply a Note to the selected Tags or something along those lines?

No, he means the http post widget within campaign builder.

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I am having good luck with Salesmsg. A third party that allows texting and integrates with IS. I chose it because you can also create a task from a text conversation. Note that you have to get a new phone # for this. Check it out.


You are officially my HERO!!!

Well, let me test it first…LOL

Thank you for taking the time to respond Liz!!


Hi Cindy, you can even look at MessageBird. You’ll be able to send an HTTP Post from your campaign to MessageBird’s webhook which will trigger an sms.

Their customer service is great and they’ll be able to guide you on where to send the HTTP Post data to. It’s really easy.

@Cindy_Glover We’ve used CallLoop in the past with some success. They have an API integration with Infusionsoft.

Ohhh! I got it!

Did you end up using Twilio Cindy? We’re going to be implementing text from Infusionsoft as well.

Sending texts looks a real issue here. But if you fancy calling right from your IS screen you can check Wildix call integration - Keap Marketplace
Actually it can send sms too.

No, I’m still testing different software.

The MAIN part is the President/CEO of the company is the one that will be sending the Text Messages based on Tag.

I need to keep it as user friendly as possible - Twilio (to me) isn’t going to do that.

But if you read through this entire message, you’ll find MANY wonderful suggestions - I’m going to be testing Salesmsg today and see how that goes…I’ll be happy to keep you posted on my progress as I move to each system!

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great thanks

We use FixYourFunnel

Easy to use with IS

Thanks for responding Jeanie…

I “played” with FixYourFunnel yesterday and it’s a bit overwhelming (well, it IS my first time using it).

Are you able to send text messages based on Tag?

Also, the owner of the company is the one who is going to be sending the messages so the simplicity of it cannot be stressed enough…


I played with FixYourFunnel too and it was too much for what I needed. I have been relatively happy with salesmsg. Good support. The only problem is the mobile app is weak. And has some serious bugs.

Hi Cindy, I am assuming you are US based. I am AUS but the principle is the same. Honestly I would take the time to find a bulk SMS provider that accepts a https post format, this will be much cheaper SMS cost than through an app or add on. We have been successfully using this in our business for years, with our provider in our country we can set sender ID as part of that post. To send an SMS by tag using this method you would need to create a simple campaign that contains the https post, trigger the campaign by adding a tag to the contact, ie have that tag triggering the campaign when it is added. Then all you need to do is search the tag you want to send to and bulk add the tag to start the campaign. As a matter of cleanliness it would probably be a good idea to remove the campaign trigger tag at the end of the campaign so you can use this method again and the contact will not already be tagged. Hope this helps. Cheers, Glen


First, thank you for taking the time to send me such a detailed outline of making this work for our organization.

May I ask which applications you are using?

Right now, I’ve “settled” for Plus This and Twilio - Albeit it’s not that complicated, but the main goal is to make it simple enough for our CEO to use.

I get VERY nervous even thinking about him having access to Campaign Builder, let alone Publishing one LOL.


If making access un-necessary for the CEO is the goal then you can help in that area by provided webforms for them to go to in order to provide information and interact with the campaign and in that way, they would never have to actually login into IS. Webforms can be used to raise specific tags under differing conditions. So the CEO might check a box that internally would trigger a specific tag and then you can manage what happens as a result “in the background” using campaign builder.

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Oh My…

It “sounds” absolutely beautiful but I’m certainly not even CLOSE to your expertise.

If I may break it down.

  • Create an Internal Web-form.
  • Create a Text Area for the “Text Message”
  • He can select from a Drop Down Menu the Tag he wishes said Text goes too
  • I then create/update the URL and Publish it
  • It goes out.

Am I close?