Me again.....Same question about sending SMS Text messages

Hi Cindy,

We use an Australian based provider called SMSbroadcast, I am not sure of their international side. What John has proposed could work well and I wouldn’t underestimate you experience, most of this is simple enough once you give it a go. I am assuming you want a bulk SMS solution however so a form may not give you the flexibility you need to select your group to send to, please correct me if I am wrong on this John. You should also really screen out the unsubscribes before sending if the recipients aren’t internal contacts as the system won’t exclude them from a broadcast as http post is not seen the way an email is and IS won’t check. You could probably achieve this with a decision diamond in the campaign also if you tagged the contact when they unsubscribe.

The user wouldn’t need to be in campaign builder, they would just need to search the group of contacts they want to send to and apply the tag, the campaign you build could then take care of the rest. I have seen plenty of IT people stuff up these things so I think it is just about explaining the consequences to the user of not being careful. The other thing you need to think about is how you you let people unsubscribe depending on the legislation of your country. One way we use is to cloak one of our numbers so the user can reply stop etc or when we use a name we make sure there is an option in the link which we send.

I hope this helps.

There is a service called Macanta that resolves a lot of issues like this. It basically is a very configurable front face for Infusionsoft and provide a lot of customizations in their interface that you wouldn’t have in the standard UI. It might be worth looking into as it also can simplify non-Infusionsoft savvy users use.

They have a 30 day trial I believe so it should be enough time to see if it would work for your situation.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond! A bit above my expertise though!

Actually Glen, you are 100% correct!

I’ve already “scrubbed” this list - I used Searchbug for a pretty reasonable price and was able to separate Landlines from Cell Phones.

Yes, when we send the text messages by Tag, it will be in Bulk.

Regarding the Unsubscribes, I could eliminate any “Opt-Out” records? I think? (Then Tag them as you suggested).

I still like the idea of making an attempt to use a Webform (or Internal Form?) for Tom (President/Owner) where he could simply tell me the Tag, the message and when he wants it to go out. He DOES understand that he’ll have to (I think?) use a desktop/tablet to manage the responses? I could be wrong there too. I appreciate your faith in his abilities, but I’m not comfortable with him hitting the Publish button just yet, brings me back to the first day I Published my first campaign! LOL! Everything went great, but the anxiety stayed with me for a day or 2!

Back to business…SMSbroadcast is not in the USA unfortunetely, so I’m going to look for another company that does bulk SMS…

I’m totally comfortable using and setting up the http porion in the campaign.

Fix your Funnel is an amazing system, but I’m not looking for all they have to offer at this point. Twilio is good too, again…a bit much for what is starting to seem a bit easier thanks to all of you.

I’m going to take a look at the others:

MessageBird - I’ve not used a Webhook before, but if their CS is good, I should be ok.
CallLoop - I’ll take a look as well.
Wildix - Taking a look.

Also, just to be sure - @Peter_Mohr - I have only good things to say about Twilio, they and FixyourFunnel are pretty big systems that can do many things! Once I get this done, I’ll be revisiting them to see what other things I can get myself into!

Again everyone, thank you all so very much!


We have tried several and the best 2 we found are Plus This and Fix your Funnel. I was surprised that you found FYF difficult. As a Keap Partner we refer to these softwares all the time and they both have good support / chat systems if you get stuck. Plus this has several good tools for other things that are handy for Keap or Infusionsoft users.


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