Testing Campaign before Publishing

Is there a way to test a Campaign before publishing it? Seems odd to me that you need to turn something on without first testing it to make sure it works as expected. Any help, feedback, suggestions?

Other than sending yourself Test emails which doesn’t test everything, you would need to publish the campaign and add yourself to it before any other contact triggers the start goal. If you’re worried about someone accidentally being added, just set the start goal to Draft or disconnect it from the first sequence and just add your test contact to the first sequence. Then in the Campaign tab in the contact record, you can push out all the emails at once if you want.


I’m with Cheryl, there’s an undue amount of stress and anxiety that comes with pressing that “Publish” button. But fortunately (and unfortunately) contacts can’t very well just start jumping into your campaign when you click publish.

Pressing publish means that the campaign is READY to receive traffic, but in most cases, you’ll still need to drive that traffic to whatever the initial trigger is (purchase, web form, etc).

There are a few exceptions to this, and if you have an entry point goal that is already being achieved elsewhere (like a tag being applied), then when you’re publishing you’ll want to make sure you take the right precautions to ensure those people don’t accidentally receive steps or experience parts of the campaign that you haven’t finalized yet.

But in general, it’s a good idea to get your campaign all ready, publish it, and then experience it as if you were your own prospect. Fill out the web form, receive the emails, click the links etc.

(As Cheryl mentioned, you can expedite some of those steps from the contact record on the campaigns tab.)