Infusionsoft Campaign Testing

How to test a campaign?
Starting from the New Landing Page → Confirmation Email → (2 email) Nurture Sequence

The best method of testing would be to use an email address to an inbox that you don’t currently use with Infusionsoft. I personally have a test gmail account that I use. The best test would be to run through the campaign like an actual contact would. Fill out your landing page with your secondary / test email and information, and then head to that inbox.

Here is a nice article that is a great resource for testing all sorts of things in Infusionsoft, from campaigns, to products.

Thank you, James
For now I have just filled out the form then it will send a Confirmation Email on the next day,
This means that I cannot see anything in the campaign’s tab below the contact’s profile?
But I have seen its activities at contact’s Web Profile.
Is there other ways to fast track the testing?