Technical issue with Leads not showing on in my partner dashboard

Since July new leads I am referring are not showing up in

First I ran a campaign and lost dozens of leads because of the Marketo domain issue.
Then in August, I ran another campaign according to my rep it produced 25+ leads to InfusionSoft however still not showing. I would like to continue referring InfusionSoft to my readership, however, this is tough when I have no visibility.

Please help.
Thank you.
Barnard Crespi.

Hi @Barnard_Crespi. I will get your information down to the partner team, when I arrive in the office, in the morning. Our team should be able to look into this, and work with you, to get things worked out, and figure out what the issue is.

Hi James,
I appreciate your help. Would like to see this resolved so I can continue working with InfusionSoft.

Hi Barnard,

I have reached out to you via email to try and get this resolved.



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