Issue with lead scoring?

Has anyone noticed an issue with lead scoring? I have a large number of contacts whose scores are not being updated when they should be. I have a ticket with Infusionsoft support on the issue but just wanted to find out if anyone else is experiencing this?

Hi @Mike_Ivory. I followed up on your case, as it is with one of our Advanced Support reps. He is troubleshooting the situation, and looking into the lead score situation. We haven’t had but one other similar report, through support, which led me to test in my app, and my scores appear to be updating.

The ASR that is on your case will be following up with you on it, soon.

Thanks for checking your app @James_Mefford. The weird thing is that it doesn’t always function incorrectly so I’m not really sure how you’d go about duplicating the issue which is why I want to find out if anyone else had noticed it happening.