Possible bug: Leads sent from Leadpages not coming through to Infusionsoft when Postal code field is present

I seem to have found a bug that is either because of Infusionsoft or Leadpages. I have a series of landing pages set up that use Infusionsoft forms/fields/tags in Leadpages. These forms/landing pages had been working fine up until 2-3 weeks ago, when I realised no new contacts or leads were coming through lately to Infusionsoft.

After some investigation, I discovered that this issue seemed to occur if I included the Postal code field in the landing page forms. Later on, I also found that contacts/leads wouldn’t come through if I had the Street Address field either.

I’ve found a work around for this issue by recording the Postal code field as a Contact note instead. So this way, at least I won’t lose any of the information.

As mentioned previously, I have not been able to determine whether this is something caused by Infusionsoft or Leadpages, so I will open a support ticket with Leadpages as well. Has anyone come across this issue too?