Click funnels delay when sending leads to infusionsoft

Hello, thanks in advance for the support. Has anyone seen a delay periodically when someone opts in via a click funnels page (integrated with infusion) and when it actually shows up as a contact record in infusionsoft. The integration settings are correct but when I do a test optin and look for it in infusionsoft it isnt there. Then sometimes a few hours later it does show in infusionsoft?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve been experiencing this issue with ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft as well. Today, it took my test contact about 1 hour to finally show up in Infusionsoft. ClickFunnels did not offer any advice other than to disconnect and reconnect the Api. Infusionsoft just suggested the same thing. I have yet to try it, but I have not “refreshed” the Api in over a year, so I’m hoping it does the trick.

*Update: I disconnected and reconnected the Api’s and it still doesn’t work. I sent another message to ClickFunnels hoping to get a better answer.

Yes it happens, sometime campaigns do not trigger the goals

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@Keith_Cannone, ClickFunnels got back to me and said:

“Right now there are background jobs taking place that can delay integrations a little bit.”

They suggested looking here for any known issues.

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Thank you for the reply I really do appreciate it.

I did the same, didn’t work. I think the only way around this is to use the html form code rather than “integrating” the two tools.

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Good thinking! Thanks for the reminder. Completely forgot about the html form codes. That would be much easier than syncing up Zapier, in my opinion (ClickFunnels only suggestion).

As of yesterday, CF said “93% of all background jobs are being completed in 5 minutes or less.” Unfortunately, they didn’t address the unlucky 7% or have any input on when this might resolve itself. Infusionsoft could not find any issues on their end either.