Suggested Email Improvement

Vertical Response just announced a new feature called Test Kit. It enables users to preview how emails will display across various email clients, browsers and devices. If we have anything like this in Infusionsoft I am not aware of it. If not, it would be a great new feature to add. See Test Kit

Great idea! The closest thing we have at the moment is the preview pane, which shows you desktop v mobile, but I’d love to see how different email clients render things differently before I click send.

Looks like they are using Email on Acid API - The seedlist is identical. Customer just buy credits to pay for the API calls…any leftovers generates a revenue stream for VR. My only beef with EOA is that their seedlist is dated.

I assume the problem they are trying to solve is to give users more confidence to pull the trigger on sending an email. I’ll pass this up to PD and see if they have any insights. Thanks for sharing this, @Richard_Paskin