Automated Emails through InfusionSoft

Hello everyone!

Anyone know a trick on tracking emails through Infusionsoft?

I would like to be able to see who is NOT opening our emails. Is there a notification we can set up so that it notifies us when a customer has not opened an email we sent them?

Thank you!

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Unfortunately there isn’t any easy automation piece in Infusionsoft for action not being taken on emails yet, but you can run automation on action being taken using tags and lead scoring and then reverse engineer some tracking from there…to do that though you need to have some custom stuff setup, its doable but not easy to accomplish… I like to think of it as a ninja solution learned from my experience working at Infusionsoft in tech support and as the email compliance manager…if you’re interested let me know and I will gladly assist in either training you to do it or doing it for you and get you a written proposal for the work to be completed…let me know and we can start with getting me access to your Infusionsoft account…If you want to pursue this my contact info is…Take care!