Can I track email forwarding?

Hi everyone! Is there a way to track the number of forwarded emails? I cannot find this when viewing my email report if it is possible.


Are you speaking about emails that are forwarded on by your recipients? If this is the case, there is not a way to do this in Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft has a number of abilities to track different things dealing with the recipient, as we use unique tracking links, and the emails are batched out of our server.

When emails in Infusionsoft are then forwarded, there is a disconnect as we are unable to monitor emails that are being forwarded, as it is technically a new email, from the recipients email client, that copies in the original content from the email they received from you. Infusionsoft has no ability to track this.


Ok great. Thanks! I didn’t think this was the case. Just wanted to double check. Your response saved me a ton of time searching :slight_smile:

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Glad I could atleast assist with a little explanation into why it’s not possible.