Subscription Product Licensing or other Theft Prevention

We want to sell a desktop software product on a subscription basis. So we are looking for a solution to prevent product theft/sharing. As of now, we are using WooCommerce to create/manage licenses and use InfusedWoo to connect to IS.

However, InfusedWoo tells us that for subscription products, IS is a real liability. In particular that when using the IS to manage a subscription product and as the payment gateway, future Payment Fails can’t be passed back to WooCommerce in order to shut down the product until the subscription billing is resolved. Worse yet, InfusedWoo also tells me that a subscription for a subscription product cannot be canceled in IS.

First I find these things hard to believe and want to verify the InfusedWoo Support claims.

Second, I want to know if anyone else is selling desktop software via IS…and if so, how anti-theft (such as product licensing ) and subscription management is being handled.